In the Garden

Heirloom tomatoes:  Black Prince, Brandywine, Green Zebra, Amish Paste and Costoluto Genovese are just a selection of the 50+ heirloom varieties I grow.

Basil:  a large leaf Italian variety, rich in flavourful oil that can only come from growing in this dry, hot region.

Cucumbers:  Diva, Lemon, and Suyo Long; all grown for their sweet flavour and tender, edible skin. 

Fennel Bulb:  Zefa Fino is sweet and tender

Onions:  Walla Walla sweet....need I say more?

Eggplants:  Rosa Bianca, Listada de Gandia, and Diamante...I stick with the Italians who seem to know a thing or two about the aubergine.

Peppers:  Joe's Long Cayenne, Highlander and Georgia Flame are just some of the 25+ varieties of hot peppers I grow.

Zucchini:  Romanesco and Goldmine are my favourites...creamy and tender

Squash:  Red Kuri, Blue Hokkaido and, dense, orange, and lovely

Radiccio:  A bitter surprise to any dish

Celeriac:  The most beautiful harvest vegetable; a mix of celery flavour with a potato texture.

In the Orchard

Cherries:  many varieties such as Vans, Bings, and Lamberts to extend the season for the sweetest fruit North of the 49th

Plums:  an amazing variety of plums beginning with the earliest, Santa Clara, to the grand, old favourite Prune Plum.  In between, I offer Black Amber, Shiro, Friar, and Presidente.

Peaches:   From Early Red Haven to Harbright to Oh Henry, the season of peaches is pure dreamland

Apricots:   Velvet in texture; the earthiest of fruits

Pears:  Bartletts and Russets to welcome autumn

Apples:   Summer Reds to Winter Russets...a large selection to prepare you for winter.