Sapo Bravo Organics is located 18 km NorthWest of Lytton, B.C.  Our home is tucked into the wilderness of the Fraser River Canyon.  Our water flows from a glacial fed creek. Living with a palpable link to the land, we apply low energy use practices and sustainable farming techniques that minimize the dependence on machinery in the garden. In addition, we use the natural cooling of the earth by means of a root cellar to store fruits and vegetables and solar power to light our home.

In 1996, Katie and Gabriel arrived on this land with a vision to live with and off the land. They built greenhouses, tapped into gravity fed water, built beds, planted trees and immersed themselves in living with the seasons and growing the food that thrived in the Fraser Canyon heat.

20 years later, they sold the farm to me - Ashala! I am a graduate of Richmond Farm School and founding member of Three Feet Below. My amazing interns and I have knowledge, experience and an absolute passion for locally grown, organic food to carry on Katie and Gabriel's legacy. We aim to do them proud.

We are a Certified Organic Farm, certified by NOOA and COABC.